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We offer many slope stabilization and erosion control services to help with your site.

At HS&G Erosion Control we offer exceptional erosion control services to meet your needs to help you manage storm water runoff from your site. Since 2011, we have helped hundreds of contractors who must use erosion control measures by offering a wide range of erosion control services including:

We manufacture and palletize silt sock in 8", 12" and 18" diameters. You can order these in custom lengths or the standard 8" at 7 at 20' lengths each per pallet and 12" at 8 at 10' lengths per pallet. We use silt sock brand filled with material harvested locally in the form of stump grindings to make these; this sock meets NHDOT specifications. We offer installation of a variety of silt fences to meet any specifications. We utilize large hydroseeders and mulchers and specialize in large commercial and industrial sites to get the job done quickly.

  • Hydroseeding service
We engage in hydroseeding with regular fiber mulch and bonded fiber mulches as well as haying and tacking. We also install channel matting and slope matting. We are a State of New Hampshire qualified erosion control contractor to undertake commercial, industrial, state, and federal jobs. We offer hydroseeding as a finished product for lawns and athletic fields.
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  • Erosion control
We are at the forefront of helping contractors install temporary and permanent erosion control measures in a cost-effective manner for every project; we use readily available materials to make this possible.

  • Slope stabilization
We have experts to offer commercial and slope stabilization services to meet your needs as part of your erosion control measures.

Our ability to consistently deliver reliable cost-effective services to different clients has made us one of the most sought after erosion control companies in the region. Call us today at 603-529-5713 to request your free quotation.

Our Services:

Silt Sock /Erosion Control Tube
Silt Fence
Erosion Control Blanket
Trench reinforcement
Hay mulching
Bonded Fiber Matrix