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Welcome to HS&G Erosion Control, a full service erosion control service provider that is fully committed to offering reliable solutions on all aspects of erosion control. Since 2011, we have been at the center of helping contractors who must use erosion control measures to install silt sock, hydroseed, silt fence, hay mulch and tack making us a one-stop shop commercial and industrial erosion control company. We strive to be the best erosion control company in offering reliable and affordable solutions backed by exceptional customer support to make every experience worthwhile.

Our ability to offer specialized silt fence installation solutions along with our use of state of the art equipment and our advanced erosion control skills keeps us ahead of the competition making us one of the best erosion control companies in New Hampshire. If you need custom length pallets or a specialized silt fence to keep erosion in control, you can count on us to customize something to meet your needs. We pride in having all the necessary equipment to make large-scale erosion control possible; we have large hydroseeders and mulchers to get the job done quickly. 

Whether you are looking for temporary or permanent slope stabilization measures, we have a solution for you. We offer services that all our customers can count on due to their durability, effectiveness and design; we work closely with customers to customize unique solutions to meet their needs and expectations. We will work with you in coming up with the right erosion control measures to suit your situation. Our committed and experienced professionals use innovative techniques to use the locally available materials to keep your erosion control costs low for your project; we want to save you money by offering services that you need.

Contact us today to request a free quotation from a State of New Hampshire qualified erosion control contractor!

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Silt Sock /Erosion Control Tube
Silt Fence
Erosion Control Blanket
Trench reinforcement
Hay mulching
Bonded Fiber Matrix
Introducing the newest addition to our specialized fleet!   
If you have a hard to access site you need hydroseeded, we have just the machine for you!

Our new Prinoth Panther can access the toughest of off-road sites where muddy or rough terrain limits the access of traditional 10 wheel trucks.

Exerting under 5lbs psi of ground pressure fully loaded, the Prinoth Panther is perfect for hydroseeding landfill caps or areas where little impact to the terrain is crucial.   
Prinoth Panther T8 equipped with a Finn T120 Hydroseeder